About the Rattery

TDR Joan of ArcWelcome, and thank you for taking the time to look into my rattery. My name is Teresa and I live in Clarkston, WA. I run Tiny Dragons Rattery out of my home – we have a rat-room that’s completely dedicated to these silly little snoots.

The origins of my love of rats began 30-something years ago when I was 12. I wasn’t allowed to have “traditional” pets such as dogs or cats because my mother did not care for pet hair, dealing with pets, etc. So, during my childhood, I had pets that could be contained in housing within my bedroom, such as hamsters, a parakeet, some fish, frogs, etc. Then at 12, I got my first rat named Cinderella. At the time, the Internet wasn’t a thing, so I couldn’t look up information that way, and the only book we could find at the library wasn’t very informative (I now realize). So, I had a lone rat who we fed crappy hamster food. Thankfully, I did spend every moment I was at home with her, and formed an incredibly strong bond. In spite of my complete lack of knowledge, she lived to be nearly four years old, which is positively ANCIENT by rat standards. Anyway, that was that: I was a rat lover for life.

Over the decades, I have had pet rats on and off (mostly on), and learned a ton about rat behavior and proper rat husbandry through trial and error, observation, and eventually increased access to information. I rely on scientific studies vs anecdotes, but frankly not everything about keeping and breeding rats has been sufficiently researched, and/or is applicable to pet keeping/breeding. For that information, I rely on a combination of my own knowledge and the knowledge of experienced breeders I trust.

Breeding rats combines two of my passions: science and cuteness. I absolutely love learning about genetics and being able to shape various aspects of my rats via selection criteria over the generations. It’s extremely gratifying to produce well-tempered, happy, healthy, adorable pets. Plus, they are super-duper adorable.

My breeding program is first and foremost intended to contribute to the betterment of domesticated rats as a whole. Secondly, it’s to reach my own breeding goals, such as improved type or temperament, determining which genes I have in a line, developing my lines, etc. So, this quite frankly puts “producing pets” at the bottom of the list, but thankfully, the first two priorities result in wonderful pets! So, when I have a litter, my first priority is identifying the “best” rats from all of them and holding back those rats for my program. Then, depending on the litter, I may speak with other breeders near me to find out if they are interested in any of the rats for their programs. The remaining rats, if I deem them suitable for pet homes (solid temperaments, no discernable health issues), will be placed up for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting from Tiny Dragons Rattery, please complete the following steps:

  • Read this information.
  • If you have read, understood, and agreed to that info, then it’s time to fill out theĀ Adoption Application.
    • Once you’ve submitted the application, I will review it and let you know if I have any questions.
    • Once you’re approved, you are added to my approved adopters list, which allows you to reserve rats once made available.
  • The Available Rats album is kept updated. If there aren’t any rats in there, that means I don’t have any available at the moment.
  • If there are rats available that you’re interested in, shoot me a message with the rat’s name(s).
  • At that point, we will arrange payment and pickup/delivery.



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